Audio & Video System

Professional video conferencing and media technology.


Tecco has developed audio visual integration and service expertise across a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Automation & Control
  • Projection
  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Room Booking System
  • LCD/Plasma Panels
  • Digital Signage

We create immersive audio and video environments with the pioneer in digital technologies.


Automation & Control

By integrating the control of multiple devices such as TVs, projection and video conferencing etc., Tecco can implement your own centralized system to control all your AV system. Replacing all the remote controllers from different equipment, via the coding and re-programming to migrating the functionalities into one electronic-pad.

Centralized control system is not only restricted to electrical devices, Tecco can optimize your office or meeting room facilities includes lights or blinds etc. to the system, implementing your room to a contemporary IoTs’ office. From product selection, installation to training, Tecco will organise and monitor the schedule to match the project management criteria.


Based on your room scale and purpose, we can select the corresponding projectors to improve your business performance. Through measures resolution, brightness or throw ratio etc., chooses the relevant projectors for different user types, such as classroom, training or conference room.

Video Conferencing

To achieve your global business growth, we provide hardware installation and software support regarding to video conferencing service. The brands include Polycom, Cisco or Logitech etc., depending on your business requirements.

Associated cloud based communication software, Vicikon, support common video conferencing Apps, such as Skype for business, Polycom or even web platform, assisting your business to break the boundary of regions.

Meeting room Booking System

We can optimize your meeting room booking management, by synchronizes the meeting room usability with your system, such as offie365 or active directory. Digital panel establishes outside your meeting room, showing relevant meeting room details, time availability and facilities.

LCD/Plasma Panels

There are several different digital panels that can work with your electronic devices. We can select the most suited TVs for your office beseem various purposes. In addition, we can also suggest from a large monitor fitting your boardroom to a small panel install on your working desk which can increase your performance to meet your expectation.

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