A comprehensive approach to managing all the computers


The workplace environment is increasingly becoming a computing environment with a need for more personalization and flexibility.

At the core, this is your staff’s desktop environment which enables them to become more efficient and productive.

Desktop Managed Services is a comprehensive approach to managing all the computers within an organization and our solutions are designed to help you drive down costs and improve workplace productivity.

Why Choose Tecco?

Tecco understands the importance of your staff’s desktop environment and can do more than just support your business’s desktop and mobile devices.

Main features of Tecco’s Desktop Managed Services include:

  • Full lifecycle management – from procurement and deployment through to support services.
  • Troubleshooting Services
  • End User Support
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Support

Tecco prides itself on having in-house technicians who can support your end users whenever and wherever they need it most.

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