IT Relocation & Migration

IT Relocation Specialists.

Before you move, have you ever thought about..?

End-To-End Transition Services, From Planning To All business services back online.

Free up yourself by allowing us to handle the entire relocation process. We provide a complete array of end-to-end relocation solutions, including initial planning, risk assessment, backup plan, migration overview, switch-over procedure, rollback strategies, testing, deployment, decommissioning and recycling of redundant IT assets, etc. Until your business service is back online.

We are IT Specialists, Not Just Removalists.

Relocating IT equipment demands a higher degree of specialisation than moving furniture. Our skilled team of IT professionals understand the additional challenges of data security, sensitive hardware and asset accountability, and have the experience to ensure your move goes exactly as planned and safe.

Every IT relocation is different, which is why we work closely with your IT and administrative teams to ensure that we seamlessly fit into your existing rollout plans. We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as required, with the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements.

Here Tecco Can Help you!

Simple Steps for Relocation


Contact Tecco to discuss your IT relocation requirements


Tecco will provide an professional assessment on your new IT relocation & migration project.


Let Tecco take care of the whole IT relocation and migration project, you can focus on what matters!

What Tecco Offer

Whenever you are moving infrastructure to a new office or to data center, let us take care the whole IT relocation project for you.

  • Backup Plan - Doing a complete data backup beforehand will guarantee that you lose zero data or other critical information in the process, regardless of what hardware challenges that may arise.
  • Migration Overview - In order to alleviate the stresses inherent with moving, Tecco will create a checklist for you to follow during each stage of the moving.
  • Switch-over Procedures - Switch over from the source to the target system at a specific point of time, defined together with the customer.
  • Risk Analysis - Our experts will give you a professional risk assessment before process of IT relocation to protect your valuable assests.
  • Rollback Strategies - Tecco provides a clear route back to the pre-migration status in case of serious failures in the migration process.
  • Equipment Packing & Tagging - Tecco will carefully and securely package your IT assets prior to transport to ensure the safety of your devices. Special care is taken to protect the integrity shock and static-sensitive devices.


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Let us help you with IT relocation & migration.

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