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Professional IT services built for your business.

Leverage our high qualified resources across Australia, including a pool of certified solution architects, technical consultants, engineers and project managers who have experience in designing and delivering solutions across all areas of IT infrastructure.

Trusted by some of Australia's large company such as CCB, ICBC, Aqualand, Uniden and much more, we'll hit the ground running and provide you with:

  • Project deployment and implementation services by certified experiences consultants
  • IT project management services utilising best practice and tested methodologies including project planning, project stage management and project closure
  • Consultation on the delivery of IT projects including detailed solution architecture and design.



Effective IT solution designs help to bridge the gap and translate a business’s IT requirements into a working solution. Inadequate or ineffective designs can lead to solutions which are a poor fit for their respective business and fail to meet the business objectives properly, resulting in projects that are overrun both time and cost wise.

Tecco specializes in the discovery, design, and deployment of tailored IT solutions. By walking with your business and taking the time to understand your industry and your unique business needs, Tecco can design a successful solution that can deliver the demonstrable benefits that your organization expects.

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Implementation encompasses all the post scale processes involved in something operating exceptionally in its environment. For example, installation, configuration, running and testing etc.

Tecco offers implementation services that help you from planning through to upgrades, migrations installation, testing, rollout and even production. Tecco can provide your business with expert product knowledge to reduce risks and speed up the deployment of your most critical projects ensuring any new implementations are smooth.

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