Hyperconvergence prepares your datacenter for the cloud era.

Hyperconvergence is sometimes described as the software defined data center (SDDC), because a hyperconverged infrastructure is managed centrally by a single piece of software. Storage, compute, and the virtual machines are all managed by that same application. Besides consisting of less physical equipment, hyperconvergence provides a number of important benefits to the IT environment and the business as a whole.

  • Hyperconvergence


VMware vSAN

VMware vSAN powers industry-leading Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions with a vSphere-native, high-performance architecture. vSAN is a core building block for the Software-Defined Data Center.

VMware powered hyper-converged infrastructure enables you to evolve without risk, reduce TCO, and scale to tomorrow. Here’s benefits:

  • Software-defined storage
    The storage nodes act as one highly-reliable and redundant pool of storage. Should one node go down, the rest will remain unaffected.
  • Agility
    In a hyperconverged infrastructure, your workloads all fall under the same administrative umbrella. This makes it easier to migrate workloads from one location to another.

  • Scalability
    Because of the node-based architecture, it is very easy to scale up your hyperconverged data center. Simply add or subtract nodes to match your resource demand.
  • Data protection
    Hyperconvergence gives an organization the ability to easily restore data.
  • Cost efficiency
    Hyperconvergence brings an affordable economic model to any IT department. Because there is less equipment to purchase, maintain, and support, the recurring costs of supporting a hyperconverged data center are lower.

Compare vSan Editions

# Standard Advanced Enterprise
Product Components
License Entitlement Per 1 CPU or Per VDI Desktop Per 1 CPU or Per VDI Desktop Per 1 CPU or Per VDI Desktop
Storage Policy-Based Management
Read / Write SSD Caching
Distributed RAID (RAID 1)
vSAN Snapshots & Clones
Rack Awareness
Replication (5 min RPO)
Software Checksum
All-Flash Support
Block Access (iSCSI)
QoS – IOPS Limits
Inline Deduplication & Compression (All Flash only)
Erasure Coding - RAID 5/6 (All Flash only)
Stretched Cluster with Local Failure Protection
Data-at-Rest Encryption

Compare vSan with other product

Other VMware
Available on multiple Public Clouds No Yes
No. of OEMs with mutually certified servers 3 14
Per VM level storage management No Yes
Single management for vSphere and for HCI storage No Yes
Single management for HCI and for traditional storage No Yes
Fully software-defined datacenter solutions No Yes
STIG approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) No Yes
Active-Active Stretched Clusters No Yes
Workload QoS No Yes
Inline erasure coding No Yes

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