Enterprise Mobility Management

Secure your EMM in workplace.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a set of services and technologies designed to secure corporate data on employees’ mobile devices. EMM typically involves some combination of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM).

MDM focuses on locking down mobile devices, while MAM focuses on controlling which users can access which applications and MCM provide IT with a secure way to provide access to files/content/data sitting in various data stores to mobile devices.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management


Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile lets you spend less time and effort enabling the use of mobile devices for work. Let users work the way they want, on the devices they prefer, helping them be more productive.

Sophos Mobile lets you protect data and secure devices with little effort. A rich set of EMM capabilities, containers, and market-leading encryption keeps sensitive business email and documents protected on mobile devices – even for users with personal devices. Leading antivirus and ransomware protection protects your users and devices from malicious content and apps.


Tecco uses AirWatch technology to support every endpoint and every user from a single management console and helps ensure enterprise security at every layer. AirWatch enhances mobile productivity by allowing employees to connect and work anytime, anywhere, on any device they choose.

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