About Us

A brief history about our company.

Our Story

  • The Origin

    Everything originated from discovering a market opportunity. In 2011, TECCO found that many multinational corporations had started to set up branches in Australia, but had wasted a lot of time and effort because of a lack of understanding of the local IT market and how the standards from their HQ IT departments should be integrated with the local market requirements. We decided to help them design and plan their Australian IT infrastructure and to establish IT departmental management that would meet the requirements of their HQ. We use a hybrid approach combining our in-house IT staff along with outsourcing to help our clients quickly launch their operations in Australia.

  • Growing

    As the company grew, we gradually found more opportunities in the market, and in particular the IT needs of SMEs in Australia. SMEs account for more than 90% of the total number of Australian companies, and we found that in order for their businesses to develop they needed solutions and services that were more cost-effective than the current market offerings.

  • Current

    After having served more than 300 customers we realized that there was not one integrated solution in the market that would suit all customers. Each customer has some different needs. Therefore, we decided to independently develop and integrate original solutions and services, to adapt to different scenarios and to match with industry programs, in order to better meet the different needs of both the technology and our customers’ businesses. Up until now, TECCO has developed Vicikon, Tvent, Resell and other products.

Our Culture

We always think that, 'big companies ≠ good companies'. We do not just want to grow the company; we enjoy providing good customer experiences, satisfying our customers and discovering and then solving problems their problems.

The way we look at the solution for any business is not just the completion or delivery instead, we want to ensure the joy and satisfaction of all parties involved in the business.

Our Team

Operation Team

These guys never miscalculate your bill!

Sales team

Lots of free services from these guys!

Tech team

These guys are always developing excellent solutions that aren’t profitable!


Our partners

Tecco has partnered with a number of high-end vendors such as: Cisco, Meraki, Microsoft, VMware, Lenovo, IBM, APC, Polycom, Fortinet, HPE, NETAPP, McAfee, Juniper and Huawei etc.

These ongoing partnerships enable us to access the latest technology and software as well as granting Tecco with efficient and effectively support our clients when required, to continue leading the way into a new generation of excellence in IT solutions and services.

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